Calamitous clouds break
beneath weight of water.
Pewter hues of grief
enshroud meek June skies.
Swathes of rain
imbue unready heads.
Precipitation raps vain threats
of devastation on the roof,
yet clears my vision, rinsing smudged specks
from windows that protect.

Soon, the sun will shine,
brightening the light
which plays in this heart of mine;
reflecting my reborn rays.

Β©Jane Paterson Basil

22 thoughts on “Reborn

  1. Hi Jane, how are you, sorry for my absence, I seem to have had WP problems… Lots of the ones I followed were wiped off my list….. it’s been a task for me to reinstall them, … Not happy with my WP…..
    Anyhow here I am… Sometimes, a downpour of rain is cleansing for the soul, and these lines of yours gave me feelings of new hope….
    “Soon, the sun will shine again,
    reflecting the light that plays in my chest;
    cradling these reborn rays.”
    I’ve been listening to this lovely song by Damien Rice…

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    1. Hi Ivor! I’ve been pretty tardy myself when it comes to keeping up with my friends. I don’t have a good excuse – it’s just that I can’t stop writing, reams of poems, few of which I find time to post before another one comes along, whooshing through my head. Eating and sleeping take third place, trailing behind writing and work. I keep telling myself I’ll catch up on my reading tomorrow…


      1. Don’t, it’s great to know you are going ok. Always wonderful to hear from you.
        Yes I’ve been writing heaps too, I seem to be able to complete a poem a day, haha, some good, some bad, other’s bloody shithouse, but I managed to post them all, and even put a few submissions in. Although I never know which ones are worthy enough.
        I’ve been going to a few Open Mic nights lately, seems to be good for my self-confidence and I’m enjoying the evenings
        Cheers from Ivor πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

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